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You're fatter than me, you just hide it better!

2010 was an exciting year for me, gaining-wise. I was in early college and had decided that the winter break from '09-'10 was going to be the time that I would let go. Standing at 5'10 and weighing only 165 lbs, I was very thin and very into running. I had been part of the gainer community for years and fantasized often about just letting go but I always found an excuse to put it off…my parents will put an end to it, everyone at high school will notice and talk behind my back, etc. Well, now I was no longer living with my parents and I was in college…a little weight gain is perfectly natural. The friends I had made in college had known me for over a year at that point, so the gain would come as a shock to them. I decided to embrace this, though…I actively planned to show off my gains to just one of my closest friends. In short, he was a stoner with a beer belly. From testing the waters, I discovered him to be the most willing to talk about weight gain, and also to kind of laugh about it. I had my target set, and that month and a half winter break shot me up to 177 lbs.

It was exciting to see the scale go up that much in such a short amount of time. My belly was noticeably bigger, but at the same time I knew this gain wouldn't be visible to anyone but me and to even bring it up in conversation would be futile. It was the dead of winter as well, and layers of warm clothes would hide the gains anyway. I realized if I wanted to make an impact, I needed to continue my gaining and then show it off when the weather warmed up.

I turned myself into an absolute pig that semester. A late night job also took over my gym time, which really caused the pounds to pack on. Just three months later in early April, the scale was reading 198 lbs. I had gone up two jeans sizes, my upper thighs had thickened quite a bit, my belly and lovehandles were much bigger and rounder, my nipples had swelled up, and my face was like the moon. No one had noticed, or at least said anything, but I was satisfied with my 33 lb gain and knew it was time to show it off.

I invited my stoner buddy out to dinner with me. We had gotten into the habit of making near nightly trips to Taco Bell together over the course of the semester and openly expressing our immense love for food. Our first stop was one of our favorites: Five Guys. We each got our gigantic orders to go, but on the way home I had a suggestion…maybe it would be best for us to stop at another one of our favorite food spots while we were out: Coldstone Creamery. I had only planned on getting individual treats while there, but my buddy joked about getting a whole ice cream cake. "I could eat that," I said, completely serious. "Me too," he replied back. Our fat senses were converging. We locked eyes for a few seconds before quickly snatching up one of the cakes and running to the register like two Rosie O'Donnells at a day after Valentine's Day clearance sale.

At my dorm room, we quickly devoured our Five Guys meals as usual. It was somewhat filling, but I knew I wanted my belly much bigger to show off to him. I took the cake out of the freezer, and sliced it right down the middle. He looked at me incredulously. I just started digging in to my half, acting like it was no big deal, and he followed suit. During the cake eating, my judgmental roommate returned. He gave us a disapproving look, but didn't bother us too much. I didn't want to show my belly off with my roommate there, but if it came to that, I guess I would. I was able to finish my half of the cake no problem, having spent all semester stuffing. My buddy was having a bit more trouble, but was able to finish the majority. When he ate all he could, he stood up and patted his belly, talking about how full he was. I wasn't expecting that at all, but it was the perfect way to segue into me showing off my gains. Luckily, my roommate decided to go to the dining hall for dinner at some point, and I knew I had my chance.

I walked over to my closet, using me hanging up my hoodie as an excuse to get over by the mirror on my side of the room. My buddy was distracted by the TV, so I knew I would have to make a scene out of seeing my belly. I lifted my shirt and was a little shocked by the size of it…all that food had really turned it into a beach ball. I could feel myself shaking a little from the nerves but I blurted out, "Wow! I am STUFFED!"

My buddy turned around and his face went from shocked to laughing very hard. "Holy shit!" he managed to get out. A quote from him sticks with me to this day: "Wow, we all knew I was a fatty but you are probably bigger than me, you just hide it better!" I laughed too, and tried getting away with saying that I was just bloated from all the food. He wasn't having that though…he flat out told me I was getting fat. And I loved it.

That semester ended up being my buddy's last in college. We keep in touch but I haven't seen him in quite some time. I now sit between 215-225 lbs. I know we'll end up chilling together again sooner or later…wonder what he'll say about the even fatter me?