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From Fantasy to Friendly Encounter

For years I had lurked on bellybuilders, looking at all of the wonderful bellies. I had one particular favorite. Gainer1 (name changed) was his screen name. His first name was Willie (name changed). Over the months I watched him reach weight that seemed unreachable, and developed a belly that seemed untouchable. I never contacted him, but I became a large fan of his first youtube video, even though it took him several failed attempts to upload it. It was worth the wait.

Fast forward several years. Grommr has become the primary social network for gainers. I have a profile, and I follow Gainer1. By now I have gained about 200lbs over the years, reaching nearly 400lbs. Gainer1 was somewhere around 450 at the time. One day I received a message from who other than Gainer1. I did not know that he had even known of my existence! Gainer1's work was bringing him to my hometown of Philadelphia (city changed). Why was he telling me? Because he wanted to meet. I had never met with a gainer. It would be my first sexual encounter with anyone aware of the fetish. I was nervous but excited. We exchanged phone numbers and texted before I agreed to meet. One thing that was never clarified was who was doing the eating. I assumed he would put away a lot considering his size. I was wrong.

I stopped at a grocery store on my way to Willie's hotel. Over 800lbs of gainer would and should consume a lot. I picked up a dozen or so premade cookies, you know, the good ones with the soft icing and sprinkles. I grabbed two 2 liter bottles of pop, some cupcakes, and then proceeded to check out. Willie was to provide the entree and I hoped that my selection of desserts would be enough.

I arrived at Willie's hotel. I was anxious and slightly scared. Then I saw him. He was one of the largest men I had ever seen standing. I hugged him and couldn't get my arms all of the way around his huge gut. I fondled the underside of his overhang a bit and had an instant erection. He had an adorable accent and looked young for his age. Fat definitely fills in wrinkles. We hopped into his rental car, a midsize sedan. I squealed as we both got in. Again I was instantly made erect. We headed over to a local pizza shop and grabbed two large pizzas and some bread sticks. These were some LARGE pizzas. They were each cut into 8 wide slices.

We turned on the TV and started eating. I'm starting to slow down on my 6th slice of pizza when I notice Willie had stopped altogether after only 2 slices. He said that he had been watching his weight, and has decided to try encouraging. Again, instant erection. A man twice as wide as is going to encourage me? WHY did I buy so many desserts?

I had gotten through 12 of the remaining 14 slices. My stomach was full and I was ready to give up. Then I felt his warm hands on my gut. This was my first ever belly rub. I still think absolutely nothing comes close to the pleasure I had gotten from his masculine hands kneading and rubbing my swollen gut. I quickly finished the last two slices and attacked the bread sticks. He continued to massage my gut as I was about halfway through the first 2 liter.

I let out a large belch, as did he. "More room for dessert?" asked Willie. "I don't know..." I replied.

Willie started massaging my distended abdomen again. Licking my nipples and gracing my groin.

[Some of the story censored to maintain a PG13 rating]

I was ready for more. I powered through the cookies and a few cupcakes. More kissing and rubbing ensued. Before I knew it, the cupcakes were also gone. I was then left with one final challenge. More pop. The other 2 liter was too much to handle without ruining an entire evening of progress, so we held off. More cuddling and rubbing led to belly exploration for hours. I never new how much I could get off just by seeing and feeling the curves and folds of a massive belly. I finished for a second time. We laid for a while longer and watched TV. Far too soon it was time for me to go. As I am waddling to the door, we notice I had missed the crust from one slice of pizza. I shoved it down my throat and swallowed for dear life wondering if my bloated stomach could take it. It could. I made it to my car and had to recline my seat a little to make room for my gut. I road home with my shirt over my belly, rubbing it the whole way home thinking of Willie and his massive belly. I almost finished again in my car from the bounces causing my belly to rub on my crotch.

Several months later, I had reached 400lbs and Willie was returning to town. A similar evening followed ;). Willie doesn't know when he will be back in town, but I know where I will be when he is here!