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Mean Gene Burgers

Once upon a college, there was this awesome burger joint that was put in the student food court on campus. It was called Mean Gene's, which was based on the actual celebrity and wrestling announcer Mean Gene Okerlund. This was during the time I was learning about my gaining weight fetish and decided to see what the burgers were all about. And believe me, they were the most fattening tasty food I had the pleasure to eat like the growing glutton I wanted to become.

Much of my weight gaining came from them during that period of time they were at my campus. I worked right across the street from the food court area on campus so when lunch came up, I immediately rushed over there to have the burger meal and get back in time to eat it all at work. I had to have gained 15-20 pounds within a few months by them but there was one day that I truly showed how much of a pig I was.

That one day I went to get my lunch like I usually do but realized there was a big crowd along with a big stage area right where the Mean Gene's Burgers usually was placed. i wondered about the event and stayed for a short while as it started up. The announcer for the stage stepped up and started to speak,

"Welcome to burger eating contest. Hosted by Mean Gene's Burgers." He said, "We will start getting things underway by having our contestants come to the stage."

Sadly, I was not one of them since everyone was already picked. But suddenly the announcer started to speak again, "We are short one contestant. We need someone to volunteer for the contest if anyone wants to step in."

It didn't take no longer than 30 seconds for me to race over to the stage and asked to be in the contest.

"Whoa, we got a contestant already. Step on up!"

I walked up to the table where the plate was piled up with hamburgers along with 5 others. It felt like I was in that scene from "Stand By Me" about the pie eating contest minus the puking. It was so exciting and scary as hell to be in front of everyone.

It wasn't long before we started and I just started to eat til my heart content. I tried to dip the burger buns in water and eat them, stuffing my face with the burgers as much as i can. I was trying hard not to choke on the burgers but I felt I was in pure bliss of being a pig.

I wanted this feeling to never end but alas the announcer called for "time's up" as the crowd stopped cheering. I wasn't first place winner...hell, I wasn't even second or third. I came in fourth, which was a bad thing but I didn't win any prizes for it either. However, I got to take the burgers I didn't get to eat back to work with me.

My gut was truly stretched out to its limit. It was the first time ever that I felt ready to pop. It was a great feeling and the feeling I had of bliss during the eating contest stayed with me for the rest of the day.