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My Gaining Story

Although many of you on this site are looking for erotica, my story is one that isn't purely erotica. This story is about me conquering my own fears, realizing my wants/desires, and how this led me to explore my own destiny. Before I start, I am a believer that gaining is a lifestyle, not just a fetish. It is something that partially defines one's own identity. As a larger individual, I have had to conquer many stereotypes, issues, and problems in my own life. My current weight is 430 lbs and I am 5'6. I am 28 years old.

I will start by telling my story when I was 16. I realized I was gay by accidentally clicking on a link to a gay website with hot bears and chubby guys. Prior to this experience, I didn't really have many gay desires. I knew I didn't like girls and that was pretty much it. I grew up in an area that really didn't foster gay diversity, as much as the gay culture itself. Therefore, I thought that the only way I could find a partner was to lose a lot of weight, become hairless, and wear the latest fashions. I started an extreme exercise regimen and went from 220 lbs to 180 lbs. During this time, I was getting compliments from a lot of people. I myself though did not like how I felt. I felt like I was in the wrong body but I didn't know why. I felt cold…isolated…naked. After months of seeking help, becoming overly aggressive, and doing destructive behaviors, I tried to kill myself in Feburary 2003. I spent a week in the hospital and received some much needed treatment and medications. I was realized and they diagnosed me with a mild form of body dysmorphic disorder (basically long terminology for I didn't like how I looked) and severe depression/anxiety (duh ?). I was put on a medication called Zyprexa which made me gain all of the weight back that I lost. However, during this time, I noticed I loved seeing what was going on during the weight gain. My clothes felt tighter. I tore my pants when I sat down. My belly was falling out of my clothing as I ate more and more. I went back for several doctor visits and I told them that I wanted to try decreasing my medications. After 6 months of treatment, I was medication free. I began researching this new phenomenon that was also marked my identity but created a sexual fetish and found GainRWeb in 2004. I then found BellyBuilders and officially started gaining in 2004.

The rest as they say is history. I left my abusive ex in 2007, met the man of my dreams in 2007, moved to Seattle and have been happily married since.

Oh and I am also involved in a polyamorous relationship with my 4 other husbands. Together we make up the Chub Hub.

I am also a medical assistant and make a really decent paycheck. I have a college degree. A lot of people ask me what happened to my abusive ex…well…he dropped out of college and works as a hot foods clerk making 7 dollars an hour. Irony is bittersweet….the man that told me I would amount to nothing became nothing. But I am learning to let go of the emotional crap he put me through. I have far too much to live for, as my fat family and my husband is now with me.

I have slowly outgrown a lot of my clothes. I am now in a size 60 pant and 5xl shirts. When I walk, my belly jiggles as it slaps against my thighs. My thighs are 36 inches around. I eat what I want, when I want. Nothing ever stops me. I am an eating machine, and I love watching my other partners outgrow their clothes and seeing their bellies fall out of their clothes. Sex is awesome and I love cuddling.

We eat A LOT. Our food bill is pretty high but my partner's income can take it. Sam's Club and Costco is amazing.

I would love to be 600 lbs someday…as long as I could still remain active and work. However I love being this big now as well.

I guess the reason why I wrote this story is that I just want everyone ot know you can accomplish your dreams. Never give up no matter what. Anything is possible as long as you put your mind too it. Despite all of my adversities, I never stopped doing what I wanted and doing what I believed in. You can be big. You will find a partner who wants to be big. Never. Stop. Eating.

Thanks for reading this.