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Gaining 70 Pounds In 8 Months

Actually I wasn't really sure what to call this piece. At first I thought I was going to call it How to but then you all know how - by eating. Or Why but then you know that too - I hated being skinny.

So first off I am going to start with a little background. I was 30 at the time and was 6'3" and about 130. Yeah I know real skinny. Anyway I am a pharmacist and was manager of a retail store. It really was a busy place and I literally ran my ass off. Anyway it all started about 3 weeks before Christmas. I was going home to see my family for a couple of days. Any later and we really are not suppose to take off. Well my boss (and his office was in the back of my store) found out and told me I could not do that. Well needless to say we had words. A lot of loud words. Was probably not the best to yell at your boss, but I did anyway. And yes I went home.

Nothing really was said after that. Well actually it got brought up again in January. At that point I was told I was being transferred to another store. I was being punished needless to say. I was going from the busiest store to the slowest in the district. And to make it worse the store was in a mess. So starting in February I started working in my new store. Yes it was a mess, but it only took a couple of weeks to get caught up. I had to fire a couple of people, but that really motivated the others that I meant business. But God it was slow. I mean I was what you would say bored. But the good thing was there were plenty of places to eat around there. I would always grab a breakfast sandwich or two to start off with. And plenty of snacks around the store to eat. And again lots of fast food for lunch and dinner. I think you get the idea, I ate a lot. And by the end of February I was at 135. I was in shock because I was never able to gain before.

It was the perfect storm. Plenty of food and not much to do. And I am thinking, I am going to take advantage with this as much as I can. I figured maybe put on another 10 or 15 or so, but hoping for more. And so March I worked and I ate. Even at home I was eating more and more. So by the end of the month I was up 10 more pounds. I have never weighed this much ever. So March went into April. And in April is Easter. And I love Russell Stovers raspberry chocolate cream eggs. I must have eaten 2 boxes of those by myself. I really was in overdrive chowing down as much as I could. And it paid off. About 160 now. And I will say it was great buying size 32 pants. I mean I had been wearing size 28 before then.

So onto May, and I kept eating. And actually the Rx business was even slowing more. So I had even more time to waste. And the store was so easy to run. So by the end of the month I was about 170. I really could not believe it. Now I have put on 40 pounds, and I will have to say I never really got any comments till then. But it was getting noticable that I was not as skinny. But really I looked more normal than anything. I think part of that reason, was I kept updating my clothes so I never looked like a stuffed sausage.

And you would think I would plateau at some time - but nope. It was like 7 or 8 pounds each month. So summer came and went and I ate. Now I will say by September I really had a belly on me. And I got to say I loved it. So yeah by end of the September I got to see another number than 1 on the scale. I had hit 200. I was in shock. And yeah I was fitting snugly into 36 inch pants, and extra large shirts. And my dress shirts had gone from 14 1/2 inch neck to about 17.

But like all good things, they do come to an end. My boss came in one day and told me that I had gotten fat enough, and that it was time to go to another store. A much busier store. And so I did and I pretty much stopped gaining. But the good part was I did not lose any.

So that is my story.

A couple of notes - Yes I did rip out my pants one day by bending over. I knew it was time to get the 36's and not wear the 34's anymore. Good part it happened close to closing - and no one ever knew.

Also I did go on a cruise with my family that next May, and obviously I could still eat. I gained 12 pounds on it and my gut was really round when I got home. Never lost that either.

Also I have never seen anyone mention this before. I had a pharmacy ring and after the weight gain - yeah I could not get it off. I actually had to have it cut off and resized. And no one ever says that they have to readjust their watch either. I had to have two links put into two different watches. So I mean I really did gain all over.

And no I never did get any stretch marks on the belly. Now on the hips I got some and a lot on my inner thighs.