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18 and Pushing 300

As early as I can remember, I have been fascinated by fat. There isn't a single thing about it that never interested me as a kid. I would always watch the big guy in line at a restaurant, and I would stare intently at his huge, pendulous gut. I loved how it moved, jiggled, and swayed with each step he took, and so I tried to emulate that exact sight almost every night. This all started at about age 5 or 6, if I remember correctly, so even as a toddler, I knew there was something about the shape and aesthetic of a fat body that just captivated me. I would go as far as hoping the tooth fairy would just make me fatter instead of giving me money when I put my fallen out tooth under my pillow at night. Needless to say, toddler me knew about fat, and toddler me knew he loved it.

Fast forward to about third grade, and I was already close to 100 pounds. Every chance I got, I would get a little bit of extra food, or ask my parents for a bit of money to go buy a pack of candy or chips. There was no stopping my inevitable path. I was a third grader that already was gaining on purpose. Every year, I grew fatter. Luckily, my parents had not noticed, because I had my major growth spurt very early on, so my weight was balanced by my height. Physicals, however, told a different story, as I was clearly overweight when I had my measurements taken. My weight was written off as baby fat, though, and my parents were told that it would drop off on its own, yet each year that passed brought more and more fat to my body.

Now once sixth grade came, I was about 150 pounds, and probably 5'4, so I definitely had a noticeable little belly starting to grow. However, from sixth grade all the way through eight grade, I didn't gain much weight, as I joined a basketball team that had fairly rigorous practices for the skill level, so I gained maybe ten pounds over three years; a disappointment to say the least. At the start of eight grade, however, I dropped the team because I was tired of my weight plateau; I wanted more, and I wanted it immediately. Fortunately, I was graced with the metabolism of a sloth, so once I stopped playing basketball, the weight piled back on, and I gained 20 pounds during my 8th grade year, which awarded me with my first set of stretchmarks on my love handles. While I knew what they were, it scared me a bit, but at the same time, it made me hungry for more. Over the summer before my freshman year of high school, I gained another 10 pounds, putting me at 190 and 5'6 at the start of high school.

High school seems like a blur to me, now that it's over, but my weight skyrocketed over these four years, especially once I got my license. Like I said before, I was 190 at the start of high school, and over my freshman year, the unhealthy lunches piled up, and I gained to just over 200 by the end of it. Not my best work, but then sophomore year came, and with that, twenty pounds more, resulting in an explosion of stretchmarks all over my growing gut. This turned me on to no end, and now that I weighed 220 pounds, 250 seemed like a mere step away. Unfortunately, I hit a plateau after reaching 220 pounds, and I gained nothing for about half a year, so I entered my junior year at the same weight. I got really sick and tired of my belly not growing, so I took up heavy cream for a month or two. I would drink about a pint every week for those two months, and my body responded. Over two months, I put on 5 more pounds, landing me at 225 right before the holiday season. From here on out, I didn't stop growing until the end of my senior year. This holiday season really took a toll on my waistline, but I expected as much since I had been downing eggnog more than any other drink throughout the entire holiday season. At the beginning of December, I weighed in at 225, by the time February 1st came, I was shocked to find out I had gained twenty pounds, but I should have guessed I had put on a huge amount of weight: I had stretchmarks everywhere. They appeared on my chest, my armpits, my inner thighs, and all over the front of my belly. So now at 245 pounds and only two months later, I was a little bit concerned with how fast I had put that on, so I slowed down considerably, but still put on one to two pounds per month until my senior year started. At the beginning of my senior year, I was 250 pounds, but again, it would only go up, and this time, drastically. I maintained my weight for the first half of senior year, but when March came around, I got my car. Finally I had a vehicle to myself! Of course, what this meant was fast food became a multi-weekly event, and everything that comes with it. I put on thirty pounds from March to June, giving me my third set of stretchmarks, this time focused mainly on my gut and love handles. Everything got doughier, flabbier, softer, wider, and jigglier, and I loved every inch of it.

Now I've started college, and I can already feel myself growing again. My unlimited meal plan is working wonders. In just two weeks, my belly grew an inch, and I've gained another 5 pounds over the last month. Much to my surprise, I've even developed a new stretchmark, starting at the middle of my right love handle, and it is working its way up my back right side. Three hundred pounds continually resonates within my head, and I am so close I can taste it. I can feel my gut growing even more, covering more of my lap, growing out everywhere, and I cannot wait until I break the big 3-0-0 barrier. I can't wait until my already somewhat snug XXL shirts are too small to cover my belly, and I burst out of them, and at 5'7, 300 pounds will look absolutely colossal. I'm already at 61 inches sitting down, so only half a foot to go until I am as round as I am tall.