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Nonfiction Contest

A great deal of fiction has been produced over the years by and for gainers and encouragers, but there hasn't been much effort to put together nonfiction accounts. So we are sponsoring a contest to produce some quality nonfiction content that can be hosted here. We aren't looking for long pieces, so they aren't meant to be stories in that sense. We're looking for short pieces about real-life experiences (could be as short as three or four paragraphs).

We will be picking nonfiction stories to host here and the authors will earn one month of grommr XL on the grommr social networking site. An author can win multiple times if we pick multiple stories from that author. If a story is particularly good, we will award three months of grommr XL.

To participate in this contest, you have to agree to have your nonfiction story hosted on this site. All nonfiction stories will be posted anonymously. Feel free to change names, but the basic story should be a true story.

We have two broad categories of nonfiction:

Please limit your entries to what you might consider a PG13 version of events. Gaining is tied to sexual feelings, but we prefer not to post x-rated stories on this site. So focus more on the gaining aspect of the events than on the overtly sexual aspects.

If you are interested in participating, email your story to It would be good to have a title for your story or a suggested brief description (e.g., "biography of a 40-something gainer").